Our Mini Planter Trio Packs are the perfect option when you have a few people to buy gifts for.


They're ideal for the end of year, teachers, thank you's and even secret Santa gifts. 


These planters are made from canvas fabric with a cotton canvas or denim top and layer inside. They are finished with a light starch to add stiffness and texture to the fabric and have a plywood base.


Please note - Do not plant directly into the planters. See the care section on this page for more information.

Thank You Mini Planters | 3 Pack

$53.85 Regular Price
$51.00Sale Price
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton

    Lining: 100% Cotton

    Base: Plywood

  • Do not plant directly into the planters - please use a separate pot and tray. We provide a polyurethane sheet for the inside of the planter to catch any drips. Remove your plant to water and return once it has had time to drain away the water.