Our mini planters are a popular addition to your home or a lovely gift idea. This duo pack includes two mini planters.


Our duo's come with one cactus and one succulent (chosen at random by us), or, if you'd prefer just the planter, that's fine too; our planters are designed to fit the little cactus pots available at most garden centres.


These planters are made from canvas fabric and have a water-resistent lining to protect them from moisture. 


Please note - we do not recommend planting directly into the planters. 

PLANTER | Mini Trio

Include Plants? (+$11.00)

    Canvas: 55% Linen / 45% Cotton

    Banana Palm Canvas: 100% Cotton

    Lining: Vinyl 

  • CARE

    We do not recommend planting directly into the planters - please use a separate pot and tray. We provide a polyurethane sheet for the inside of the planter to catch any drips. Remove your plant to water and return once it has had time to drain away the water.


We're all about creating fun and unique items for your home or gift. We love to mix colourful prints and pops of colour in our pieces. Our range is hand crafted by us in our Auckland home studio



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