After many unsuccessful attempts in tieing the perfect turban, I have designed an Easy Tie Turban to make your life so. much. easier.


To keep an authentic look, you still need to to some tieing, but that helps to create a comfortable, firm fit on your head. Imagine it's just like a hat with ties! So, pop on the hat part and wrap the ties around your head, knotting at the back.


Fun Plaid by Nerida Hansen | Linen Cotton


    This turban is made from a lovely Linen/Cotton blend and lined in 100% Cotton Voile. 

    It is heavier than our usual fabrics and may need a little more tweaking to get the fit right however, once on it will be lovely to wear and will soften up with wear.


    We carefully select our designer prints from our catalogue of very talented local and international graphic designers.

    This design is by Nerida Hansen