Our little boxed gift packs make lovely pressies for someone special. Choose either our bright Thank You Print or our popular Never Gonna Dig You Up Print plus your favourite candle and soap fragrance to tailor the gift for the lucky person.


We then package up the goodies in a little box with tissue and our distinctive branding (as pictured).

Bright Mini | Boxed Gift Pack

  • Fabric: 100% Cotton

    Lining: 100% Cotton

    Base: Plywood

    These planters are made from canvas fabric with a cotton canvas or denim top and layer inside. They are finished with a light starch to add stiffness and texture to the fabric and have a plywood base.

  • Do not plant directly into the planters - please use a separate pot and tray. We provide a polyurethane sheet for the inside of the planter to catch any drips. Remove your plant to water and return once it has had time to drain away the water.