This potted Snake Plant (Sansevieria) will fit any of our 10cm Canvas Planters.


This succulent is easy to grow, requires little water, can be grown in a wide array of conditions, and generally looks amazing.


For best results place in bright indirect light (though they will tolerate some sun) and allow to dry out between waterings

10cm Potted Plant

  • Climate: tropical, sub-tropical and warm temperate. Indoors in cooler climates.

    Soil: free-draining soil or in pots in light, free-draining potting mix.

    Position: keep out of direct sun.

    Feeding: all-purpose fertiliser in spring and summer.

    Watering: water when soil is completely dry.

  • We do not recommend planting directly into the planters.

    Please use a separate tray to catch drips in the planter. Remove your plant to water and return once the water has completely drained away.


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