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We’re a little local business based on the North Shore in Auckland.

We have two little helpers (Eldon & Phoebe) and a fluffy cat (not so helpful).


Moobee was created in 2019 by Kelly who has a background in fashion, design,

dress-making and a love for plants and printed fabrics.

Husband & wife, Dave and Kelly have both travelled the world and now love bringing

a little fun and colour into our lives at home in New Zealand.



- Do what makes you happy -


Pretty much how we make our business decisions and exactly how Moobee as a business evolves. We make everything we can ourselves (and enjoy doing so!). We outsource to other local companies when we are unable to produce components or products at home. 

We're a small business and we absolutely love working with other small businesses like ours and enjoy watching each other grow together.