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All our products are made by us in our home studio. We do our best to reduce, reuse and recycle during make. Kelly carefully plans each cut to ensure there is minimal waste and designs alternative products to utilise scraps.


We try to support other local small businesses & suppliers as much as we can


We are suckers for a great print! Whenever we can, we love to feature unique (and often exclusive to NZ) prints designed by our talented catalogue of international graphic designers. We’ve also started designing our own prints which is pretty exciting! Our designer prints are printed on either a Linen/Cotton blend or 100% Cotton Canvas. Most of our fabrics are imported from overseas.

We also stock a selection of locally sourced 100% Cotton prints. We have found that this is necessary to ensure a steady availability of prints for when we experience shipping delays with our off shore designer range.


Our Linen/Cotton & Cotton Canvas designer prints are printed off shore using an eco friendly printing process. All fabrics are tested to rule out harmful chemicals at the printing house. The fabrics are ethically sourced and are printed using a pigment process instead of reactive dye.